The goal of Resonance Group (RG) is to develop alternative clean energy technologies. We are committed to integrate academics with business, research with open forums, and governments with discovery.  This commitment is the foundation of Resonance Group and it manifests in every idea, advancement, product and relationship.

We are pleased to present RG’s Energy Control System, our flagship product. This system integrates the new RG controller with state-of-the-art pulse motors and power management technologies for improved performance of electric motor-driven devices. The Energy Control System enables improved performance by making more energy available to the motor through efficient utilization of electrical input energy and by accessing stored electromagnetic energy.

Why the name, “Resonance Group” and our beginning

When a second tuning fork of the same (precise) size and pitch, is placed in the vicinity of a “resonating” or vibrating tuning fork, the energy of the resonating tuning fork causes the second tuning fork to vibrate or resonate as well. The propagating effects of a focused, precise and harmonic energy is the model of the principles of life and even of life itself. If our ideas, our behavior, our living are all based upon a universal and precise “resonating energy,” we resonate together – just as the tuning forks.

Resonance Group functions as a product and service development system with the resources to apply marketing, research, sales, manufacturing and distribution resources to any product or service.


In this SBIR project, Resonance Group, Ltd. intends to investigate, for the first time, the degradation of cyanotoxin microcystins by immobilized Mlr proteases utilizing the CLEA immobilization technique. The CLEA products will be developed as stand-alone microcystins detoxification units, which can be easily integrated into any existing water treatment facilities. The stand-alone detoxification units can also be used as household and personal protection system against microcystins. Key Words: cyanobacterial bloom, microcystins, drinking water treatment, immobilized enzymes. Subtopic: CT9.Water Conservation, Treatment and Reuse, Waste Minimization, Recycling and Environmental Sustainability.

Letter from the House of Representatives

Below is Marcy Kaptur's response to our project proposal:


Resonance Group gave a presentation to the University of Toledo’s distinguished visiting advisory board, giving them an update about the status of the company and discussing our present and future goals for promoting our technologies, which included the RG Energy Control System.

13 ABC Newsreel: Business Plan Competition


We have developed a control system that interfaces with a specific type of electric motor called a pulse motor. Our controller not only controls the speed of the motors, but what makes it special is that it can recapture some of  the input electrical energy and recycle, or reuse that energy, increasing the overall efficiency of the motor. This increased efficiency means less electrical power (Watts) “IN” for the same amount of motor power (torque) “OUT”.

How it works:
RG’s Energy Control System goes into any application that uses an electrical motor for power. We design a pulse motor that matches the application’s torque and size requirements. then RG tunes our controller to the motor to recycle a portion of the input electricity to achieve an overall power saving.

Current Project:
Working with the University of Toledo’s solar car team, we are developing a drive motor for their car.  Although the technology of pulse motors is open source and well known, there are many parameters to consider for a drive motor for any vehicle. We are working with the university to develop a highly mechanically efficient motor that meets their speed and torque requirements. After the motor is designed and built we will teach the team to tune or ‘match’ our controller to their new motor and boost the efficiency and minimize the power requirements of the vehicle.

We are also using our controller to develop a battery power management system that controls the energy going in and out of the battery to improve performance and longevity.

Resonance group is Integrating the new RG controller with state-of-the-art pulse motors and power management technologies to improve performance of electric motor-driven products.


The heart of RG's innovative Energy Control System is an electronic controller that currently has a provisional patent and is the property of RG. The second component of the Energy Control System is a rotary pulse motor based up open source technology and tailored to the size and torque requirements of each application. The pulse motor allows our controller to precisely control velocity, acceleration, and to capture electrical energy that is normally wasted as heat.  Where batteries are used, a power management system is required. This system interfaces with our controller to precisely regulate the energy required from and returning to the battery - extending both battery life and performance. 


RG develops customized prototyping solutions through the use of advanced desktop 3D printers. RG utilizes and is a supplier of the Axiom Series of 3D printers from Airwolf 3D. To learn more about RG's 3D printing division Click here or on the photo below.


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This forum was created to encourage the building and sharing of new ideas and techniques in developing renewable energy. The Resonance Group R&D forum is specifically designed and tailored to provide an environment where Students and Educators, Open-Source Researchers, Businessmen, and Engineers can come together to collaborate and learn about new and exciting energy technologies.


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