The Airwolf3D
AXIOM 3D Printer

RG utilizes and is a supplier of the Axiom Series of 3D printers from Airwolf 3D - widely considered the most advanced desktop 3d printers on the market.
RG can also develop customized solutions to fit your unique additive manufacturing needs.



Keeping parts hot throughout the print cycle is the key to successfully printing large ABS parts. This is accomplished by providing a rigid, fully enclosed, aluminum and polycarbonate frame. Axiom also provides a heated environment that prevents warping and cracking. This feature also doubles as an environment necessary to provide an exceptional surface finish

Axiom eliminates calibration complications by means of the most advanced Auto-Leveling Calibration system for pre-print preparation. This allows the user to focus on printing instead of setup.

Core-xy Motion System provides excellent print resolution and high speed print jobs. With equal push/pull torque on both sides of the print head "backlash" is eliminated; a potential hazard with other 3D printers which diminishes the accuracy of the print. Actual Print speed is 250mm/s, which is a new standard for printing ABS plastic parts, with "travel speeds" of up to 400mm/s. Thanks to Axiom's Core-xy Motion System Axiom can print at these high speeds while maintaining high resolution.

The JrX hotend is designed to make multi-material printing easier than ever, and can reach temperatures of 599 degrees F (315 C).
Axiom can print with over 40 materials, From PLA and ABS to Nylon and Polycarbonate, Axiom supports a wide range of materials.



Our ever growing list of materials currently contains over 40 materials. Our materials have a large temperature range, and the ability to reach up to 599℉ (315℃) on the hotend, the HD series is able to print with numerous materials, ranging from PLA and ABS to TPU, nylon and polycarbonate.


3D Printing in Education

The Axiom line of AirWolf 3D printers are designed with user productivity in mind. Minimized setup time is streamlined by way of the unique auto-leveling calibration system. Routine maintinance includes only the occasional lubrication of bearings or tensioning of belts. Axiom's speed and accuracy is at the top of its class thanks to the Core-xy Motion System that provides exceptional print resolution and high speeds.

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The additive manufacturing process is completed in various stages. First, it takes graphical data input from the computer, which is often created using a computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) tool, and cuts the data to serve separate object layers or components.

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